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For the Love of T-Shirt Dresses

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T-shirt dresses are a blessing for all of us who want to look simple and chic, but also don't have enormous amounts of time to put together fabulous and comfortable outfits on a daily basis. These dresses are too cute, and they're simple enough to be worn with so many different other items: cardigans, statement jewelry, heels or sandals, or whatever items you feel like wearing that day.

In case you aren't already obsessed with these perfect clothing items, here is some outfit inspiration:

These dresses are so easy to wear, but in case you're still unsure of how to rock this piece, here's a few tips:

1. Keep it simple!
The beauty in these dresses is that they're so plain. I personally like to rock mine with either a cardigan and booties, or with sandals and a statement necklace. Keeping this look simple and easy makes it a breeze to get dressed on those busy mornings, but it also makes it easier to wear the dress a million different ways without everyone noticing that you've been wearing the same dress over and over. Basically, simple is always better.

2. Pair it with your favorite accessory!
Pairing a t-shirt dress with your favorite statement necklace or clutch is a no brainer! Everyone will be swooning over that piece just as much as you because it's going to stand out against your effortless outfit.

3. Get the right cut!
These dresses come in many different cuts and lengths, so make sure that you're getting one that flatters you! Creating an easy outfit on those chaotic mornings won't be nearly as easy if the dress doesn't fit you properly. And having a dress that's simply just too short isn't fun for anyone, especially if you're worried about flashing everyone all day.

Many retailers sell these perfect specimens of fashion, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

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